Beach Nourishment

Beach Nourishment

The next beach nourishment (Coastal Storm Damage Reduction or CSDR) project is scheduled to begin sometime in January 2016 and be completed by April 30, 2016.


CSDR is now the official terminology used in place of beach nourishment. The reasoning for the change in name is because the Corps makes the decision on where and how much sand to put on the beach based on overall infrastructure of the island and how it holds up during storms. The purpose of the sand placement is to protect the integrity of the island and mitigate property loss during storms. The Corps measures the beach and compares it to previous projects and whether sand historically returns to certain areas or not.


Funding for these projects is 65% from the Federal government, 17.5% from the State of N.C., and 17.5% from the Room Occupancy Tax (ROT) fund. This is a tax that hotel and vacation rentals must charge. No Kure Beach tax dollars are used for these projects, nor have any been used in the past.


Sand will be placed in two areas as follows:

  • N. Carolina Avenue in Carolina Beach to N Avenue in Kure Beach

  • Davis Road to Camp Wyatt Court (Ocean Dunes area)

Approximately 652,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed.


Other information about beach nourishment

History, Funding, Inter local agreement with New Hanover County





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